Suspense writer Shelly Knox has written professionally since 1989 and is the author of several novels, including Twin Deceptions and Death Wore White. She has a passion for romantic suspense, thrillers and paranormal romance and has also published more than two dozen short stories.

Shelly lives in Georgia with her two Shelties, Izzie and Mia. She hopes you enjoy reading her stories as much as she enjoyed writing them.

Betrayed – October 2019


PIPER MORGAN loses everything for the sake of a story. Two years later, can she regain her life by chasing another serial killer with her ex-fiancé?

Piper is plagued with horrific memories of her frightening kidnapping and rape. She flounders while writing a lifestyle column until her boss insists she handle a missing-person case which simultaneously thrills and terrifies her. Forced to leave the safety of the office, Piper and her service dog, Tazzie, join in the search for the missing pregnant woman.  

Texas Ranger JAXSON WYATT conceals his aggravation over his haunted past by focusing on his job and not his personal life. Then the ex-fiancé he failed to protect shows up as a reporter on his case. Jaxson is determined not to waste this opportunity for a second chance with Piper.  

As the search for the missing woman continues, Tazzie’s specialized scent training leads Piper and Jaxson to a gruesome burial site. The bodies of several missing pregnant women are found—another serial killer case. But where are their babies?

“Masterfully Suspenseful … You will need to clear a little to time to read this captivating story because once you start it you won’t want to put it down until you read the very last sentence. There will be NO SPOILERS HERE – I just want to say the story is compelling, the characters are wonderful, and the intrigue is mesmerizing. I particularly appreciated the respect given by the author to service animals. For those individuals concerned about sensitive subjects, be aware that there are some explicit sex scenes, some fairly graphic sexual violence, and occasional cursing. While this story revolved around some disturbing issues, these issues are, sadly, both current and relevant. This well-crafted tale deserves to be read and appreciated.”
—TX Doc

Betrayed is a Finalist in the Emerald City Back Cover Blurb Contest!


Emerald City Best Blurb Contest


To meet one’s spirit-double is a sign that death is imminent. Kayla Bradford’s doppelganger seems to know her thoughts, her fears, her every move. Only one person can help her, but can Kayla truly trust Sheriff Jake Eisner with her life and her heart?


“In Twin Deceptions, debut author Shelly Knox offers a new twist in the doppelganger genre. A reluctant witness has a reason to distrust the cop asking questions, and Knox weaves a tale around them that’s sure to linger with readers.”
— Felicia Mason, author of the RITA-nominated Gabriel’s Discovery



Dr. Shelby Fields, an ER physician at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, has plummeted into a nightmare dimension as her close friends and co-workers are murdered one by one. What Shelby doesn’t realize is she is the missing puzzle piece—and the killer has plans of his own for her.


“Mystery and romance fans will be delighted at the thrilling suspense and compelling love story. Knox’s flair for drama will leave readers glued to the pages.”
— Suzie Housley, Romantic Times