PIPER MORGAN loses everything for the sake of a story. Two years later, can she regain her life by chasing another serial killer with her ex-fiancé?

Piper is plagued with horrific memories of her frightening kidnapping and rape. She flounders while writing a lifestyle column until her boss insists she handle a missing-person case which simultaneously thrills and terrifies her. Forced to leave the safety of the office, Piper and her service dog, Tazzie, join in the search for the missing pregnant woman.  

Texas Ranger JAXSON WYATT conceals his aggravation over his haunted past by focusing on his job and not his personal life. Then the ex-fiancé he failed to protect shows up as a reporter on his case. Jaxson is determined not to waste this opportunity for a second chance with Piper.  

As the search for the missing woman continues, Tazzie’s specialized scent training leads Piper and Jaxson to a gruesome burial site. The bodies of several missing pregnant women are found—another serial killer case. But where are their babies?

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Twin Deceptions

To meet one’s spirit-double is a sign that death is imminent. The only way for the doppelgänger to survive and remain free is to kill its other half—Kayla Bradford.

In the blink of an eye, Kayla’s best friend is murdered and she is forced to move to a new town and make a fresh start with an old college friend. Instead of getting away from the violence she finds herself in the middle of a drive-by shooting. During all the chaos, a woman appears—a woman who, for all intents and purposes, could be Kayla’s twin. She flees the scene before Kayla can question her.

Two years ago, an unidentified killer claimed the life of Sheriff Jake Eisner’s wife and unborn child. His investigation into the drive-by shooting leads him to the startling discovery of clues to his own wife’s murder. But Kayla is refusing to cooperate, and Jake is convinced she knows more than she’s willing to reveal. Maybe if he can convince her to trust him, he can put his past to rest.

The doppelgänger knows Kayla her thoughts, her fears, her every move. Only one person can help her, but can Kayla truly trust Sheriff Jake Eisner with her life and her heart?

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Death Wore White

Dr. Shelby Fields, an ER physician at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, has plummeted into a nightmare dimension as her close friends and co-workers are murdered one by one.

Consumed with his Dr. Shelby, as he likes to call her, the killer systematically entwines himself in all aspects of her life. He begins permanently removing all obstacles standing in the way of making her completely his. Fanatical about words, rhymes and puzzles, he kills his victims in unusual methods and makes them appear to be anything but murder.

Torn between a new relationship with a Forensic Pathologist at the Cherry Cove Crime Lab and an old love, Shelby doesn’t know who to trust as each new death weaves within her life and gives her the sense that impending danger is all around.

Shelby is hell-bent on solving the puzzles she receives in the mail and bringing her friend’s murderer to justice. What she doesn’t realize is she is the missing puzzle piece—and the killer has plans of his own for her.

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